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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Music Build up to the Progress Diner Show

The Beaver Brown Mix, the real Eddie and the Cruisers and other Zombies



also http://knight.wavestreamer.com:5861/index.html?sid=1

coming  up next, my fave Stones Song, 

Factory Girl

The Progress Diner is Open: 6 PM Tonight -- Mueller Claus is comin' to town

The Progress Diner Radio Program

6PM to 8PM ESTLIVE Tonight, November 29, 2018

Two Ways to Listen: 
Tonight's Menu

Sweet Wine:  Sammi Brown on PROGRESS in Jefferson County

Work Break: Richard Trumka delivers Grace -- Stewart Acuff Interprets!

Join us and call in: 304-885-0708

Welcome to the staff!  JB Christensen, Mike Diesel, Larry Bish and Lynneia Atkinson

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No Name Becomes Citizens Progress Diner Program: The Drunks Delight Show

The Drunks Delight Show

First show from the Citizens Progress Diner
the CP Diner (for short)

  Its a very snowy and icy night, but JB and Mike make it by phone. I gotta consume my Delight of American Chop Suey all by myself. Nonetheless: a Menu of Talk follows

1. Mike and John spend 15 minutes working out the menu before landing on a Sex Recession Cocktail Its true, there's serious research out suggesting a decline in fertility by generation in the US. Mike and John give evidence, as it were.

2. Mike and John discuss whether we should memorize President Macron of France's 'nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism' speech to Trump, and the world.

3. An important commentary from Dani Rodriks Global Policy Journal asks if classical liberalism is at odds with justice in confronting aggravated inequality in modern US society. We ask ourselves that question.

4. JB calls from the annual Alliance For Retired Americans (ARA) in Ripley, WV with reports on top issues of concern to WV retirees.



Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tonite: The Citizens Progress Diner Program: The "Drunks Delight" Show

The Citizens Progress Diner

Nov 15, 2018

Listen via our player at the top of the Enlighten Radio home page. 
Our call-in line: 304-885-0708

The Drunks Delight Show

Image result for drunks delight

Its a snowy night, and the dinner out crew may be  calling, rather than, driving over to the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.

Drunks Delight, or the "Emptying of the Refr" casserole (just whats on my mind) recipe:

1. No Hot Sauce: Sex Recession hitting Millennials?
2. tomatoes and onions: Memorizing Emmanuel Macron's Speech
3. Pasta with only one chop stick each: Is the liberal conception of "freedom" unable to reform capitalism?
4. Where's the Beef? Worker disempowerment could be reversed.

God knows what others on the Dinner Out crew will come up with.


Bonus: The Dining Philosophers Parable and algorithm:

5 Philosophers are seated at a round table. Much of their time is spent in contemplation. But occasionally they hunger. There is large serving bowl of rice in the center of the table, and each philosopher has a smaller bowl for his/her portion. There is a single chop stick placed at the left side of each philosopher. When a philosopher wants to eat he/she picks up the chop stick on the left and the adjacent philosopher's chop stick on his/her right to then get and consume rice, and resume contemplation.

Assuming either a random distribution of hunger pains, or an ordered one, how is the starvation of a philosopher to be prevented? Need it be prevented?

Our contact: host@enlightenradio.org

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Steak and Mushroom Show Podcast, and a New Name for the No Name

This podcast of the NAME IN PROGRESS show was broadcast live from the Red Caboose studio in Bolivar, WV on Nov 8, 2018, two days after the Midterm elections.

We are trying out THE CITIZEN DINER as a name for the program...comment?

The Steak and Mushroom Show

John Case, JB Christensen, and Larry Bish deliver a menu headlined by a black bean and steak hash of the Mid term elections.

At least that was the intent. But a pot-luck atmosphere arose as "Out to Dinner" crew consul Mike Diesel and our sponsor, the Zen Hounddog, called in to heap magical mushrooms on the Dinner Out Crew's plates, as you will hear.

Download Here (playable in any player)
  • the Intro gives the  story behind the profound and moving letter JBs friend and fellow retired merchant seaman wrote to him on Trump and the mid-term elections.
  • At 3 minutes, the letter begins. And what a letter! A little like your shoulder has been grabbed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's ANCIENT MARINER and you're forced to hear the tale of a murdered albatross -- and the vast curse that has ensued.
  • At 15 minutes, Larry Bish joins the meal and, sensing we began without a prayer, prepares a Meditation rice designed to clear up the crew's muddy thinking. 
  • At 30 minutes, Mike Diesel calls in and the food fight begins, as the crew is forced to beat back Thumper himself, and Rush Limbaugh from ruining everyone's sense of humor. There follows serious election discussion by our most experienced analysts  -- and hour's worth!
  • at 1 hour 45 minutes, the "F*** Ted Nugent" segment begins, recommended for adult audiences.
  • the program closes with an unknown version of Russian Lullaby 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Steak and Mushrooms Show

Tonight, Thursday, 6 PM to 8 PM

Listener line: 304-885-0708

The 2018 Midterms, Realities Meet Fantasy, on the NAME IN PROGRESS SHOW.


Monday, November 5, 2018

The NAME IN PROGRESS Podcast -- the Birthright Chicken Show -- Nov 1, 2018

The Name In Progress Program

The Birthright Chicken Show

Download Here

The Dinner Out Crew have convened again, for the Nov. 1, 2018 NAME IN PROGRES show, 5 days before the election, to make our pics and predictions, over a meal of fried "Birthright" Chicken, and an "Completely White" potato salad. Add some Toasted Headed rUMP, and its "Let the Gaslighting Begin!"

Headlining the RAW version of the Live Program are playwright and well-known West Virginia pithful political analyst, Sean O'Leary. The fact that Sean calls from Seattle does not diminish in the slightest his keen eye on WV politics and political economy.

Two new additions to the program STAFF include Larry Bish and Lynneia Atkinson. Larry brings the classic hipster philosophical ATTITUDE to life in the 21st Century: A vietnam era veteran of the US Marines, musician, counselor to inmates at the Eastern Regional Jail, and serious  student of humanity too. Larry demonstrates the long shadow of Vietnam on today's troubled times.

Lynneia Atkinson, brings the "55 [Counties] Strong"  spirit of the West Virginia Teachers political strike to the entire matter, as well as a moving insight into the daily wins and losses in the classrooms of Jefferson County.

MIke Diesel brings his great talent -- and leading world personalities that live as avatars inside him -- making name-calling unnecessary.

Lynneia, JB  Christensen and John Case -- all currently members of the Eastern Panhandle Central Labor council, and mostly due to JBs urging -- bring back a labor perspective that they hosted for 10 years on the Labor Beat Radio Program local college radio.

Check it out.

An Excerpt: The Sean O'Leary Interview

The NAME IN PROGRESS program is airing LIVE regularly at 6PM EST on Thursdays from the Red Caboose studio in Bolivar, West Virginia. HOW TO LISTEN: 1) go to the Enlighten Radio website -- there is a player at the top of the page. 2) Click HERE on the stream link.

Saturday, November 3, 2018


Mike Diesel, anger management consultant, actor. and legendary stand-up comic, linebacker,  and liquid impersonator. HE knows how to talk to THE OTHER. Feeling paranoid, like the libtards are out to get you and turn you into a alternative gender with SCIENCE, Mike can talk you down. Just tune in and listen.

Lynneia Atkinson, a single mom, teacher of special needs children, and a leader of the Jefferson County teachers union (AFT). As in all big strikes, and any struggles where people put their lives and fates on the line to defend justice and dignity in work and community, the participants' lives are themselves transformed when the power of solidarity behind those values is grasped, and they witness their efforts move immovable mountains. Hear that in  Lynneia's voice. Its the "55 (Counties) Strong" (AFT Slogan) spirit with which all may require to gird themselves before long.

Larry Bish, Raconteur, Vietnam era veteran, musician, counselor, and philosopher -- tells the tale of the Vietnam legacy, and its long shadows, with a timely twist.

JB Christensen and John Case: 10 years on the Labor Beat Radio Show together, and we are still together, largely due to JBs urge to get restarted. The labor movement will be a big part of THIS show too. But we are still finding our way in the Internet World. JB is a retired seaman and marine engineer, and a solar power and labor advocate known throughout the state of West Virginia. John Case is a retired software developer, trainer and Union Organizer, married to an economist.

A Note from our Sponsor, the Zen Hound Dog:


Progress Diner is On the Air -- SOU Response

tune in now Opening with Mark Russell and Marc Benno The SOU_P Venezuela R Splits Omnibus anti education bill moves forward ...