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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

No Name Becomes Citizens Progress Diner Program: The Drunks Delight Show

The Drunks Delight Show

First show from the Citizens Progress Diner
the CP Diner (for short)

  Its a very snowy and icy night, but JB and Mike make it by phone. I gotta consume my Delight of American Chop Suey all by myself. Nonetheless: a Menu of Talk follows

1. Mike and John spend 15 minutes working out the menu before landing on a Sex Recession Cocktail Its true, there's serious research out suggesting a decline in fertility by generation in the US. Mike and John give evidence, as it were.

2. Mike and John discuss whether we should memorize President Macron of France's 'nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism' speech to Trump, and the world.

3. An important commentary from Dani Rodriks Global Policy Journal asks if classical liberalism is at odds with justice in confronting aggravated inequality in modern US society. We ask ourselves that question.

4. JB calls from the annual Alliance For Retired Americans (ARA) in Ripley, WV with reports on top issues of concern to WV retirees.



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