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Monday, November 5, 2018

The NAME IN PROGRESS Podcast -- the Birthright Chicken Show -- Nov 1, 2018

The Name In Progress Program

The Birthright Chicken Show

Download Here

The Dinner Out Crew have convened again, for the Nov. 1, 2018 NAME IN PROGRES show, 5 days before the election, to make our pics and predictions, over a meal of fried "Birthright" Chicken, and an "Completely White" potato salad. Add some Toasted Headed rUMP, and its "Let the Gaslighting Begin!"

Headlining the RAW version of the Live Program are playwright and well-known West Virginia pithful political analyst, Sean O'Leary. The fact that Sean calls from Seattle does not diminish in the slightest his keen eye on WV politics and political economy.

Two new additions to the program STAFF include Larry Bish and Lynneia Atkinson. Larry brings the classic hipster philosophical ATTITUDE to life in the 21st Century: A vietnam era veteran of the US Marines, musician, counselor to inmates at the Eastern Regional Jail, and serious  student of humanity too. Larry demonstrates the long shadow of Vietnam on today's troubled times.

Lynneia Atkinson, brings the "55 [Counties] Strong"  spirit of the West Virginia Teachers political strike to the entire matter, as well as a moving insight into the daily wins and losses in the classrooms of Jefferson County.

MIke Diesel brings his great talent -- and leading world personalities that live as avatars inside him -- making name-calling unnecessary.

Lynneia, JB  Christensen and John Case -- all currently members of the Eastern Panhandle Central Labor council, and mostly due to JBs urging -- bring back a labor perspective that they hosted for 10 years on the Labor Beat Radio Program local college radio.

Check it out.

An Excerpt: The Sean O'Leary Interview

The NAME IN PROGRESS program is airing LIVE regularly at 6PM EST on Thursdays from the Red Caboose studio in Bolivar, West Virginia. HOW TO LISTEN: 1) go to the Enlighten Radio website -- there is a player at the top of the page. 2) Click HERE on the stream link.

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