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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Steak and Mushroom Show Podcast, and a New Name for the No Name

This podcast of the NAME IN PROGRESS show was broadcast live from the Red Caboose studio in Bolivar, WV on Nov 8, 2018, two days after the Midterm elections.

We are trying out THE CITIZEN DINER as a name for the program...comment?

The Steak and Mushroom Show

John Case, JB Christensen, and Larry Bish deliver a menu headlined by a black bean and steak hash of the Mid term elections.

At least that was the intent. But a pot-luck atmosphere arose as "Out to Dinner" crew consul Mike Diesel and our sponsor, the Zen Hounddog, called in to heap magical mushrooms on the Dinner Out Crew's plates, as you will hear.

Download Here (playable in any player)
  • the Intro gives the  story behind the profound and moving letter JBs friend and fellow retired merchant seaman wrote to him on Trump and the mid-term elections.
  • At 3 minutes, the letter begins. And what a letter! A little like your shoulder has been grabbed by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's ANCIENT MARINER and you're forced to hear the tale of a murdered albatross -- and the vast curse that has ensued.
  • At 15 minutes, Larry Bish joins the meal and, sensing we began without a prayer, prepares a Meditation rice designed to clear up the crew's muddy thinking. 
  • At 30 minutes, Mike Diesel calls in and the food fight begins, as the crew is forced to beat back Thumper himself, and Rush Limbaugh from ruining everyone's sense of humor. There follows serious election discussion by our most experienced analysts  -- and hour's worth!
  • at 1 hour 45 minutes, the "F*** Ted Nugent" segment begins, recommended for adult audiences.
  • the program closes with an unknown version of Russian Lullaby 

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