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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tonite: The Citizens Progress Diner Program: The "Drunks Delight" Show

The Citizens Progress Diner

Nov 15, 2018

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The Drunks Delight Show

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Its a snowy night, and the dinner out crew may be  calling, rather than, driving over to the Red Caboose Studio in Bolivar, West Virginia.

Drunks Delight, or the "Emptying of the Refr" casserole (just whats on my mind) recipe:

1. No Hot Sauce: Sex Recession hitting Millennials?
2. tomatoes and onions: Memorizing Emmanuel Macron's Speech
3. Pasta with only one chop stick each: Is the liberal conception of "freedom" unable to reform capitalism?
4. Where's the Beef? Worker disempowerment could be reversed.

God knows what others on the Dinner Out crew will come up with.


Bonus: The Dining Philosophers Parable and algorithm:

5 Philosophers are seated at a round table. Much of their time is spent in contemplation. But occasionally they hunger. There is large serving bowl of rice in the center of the table, and each philosopher has a smaller bowl for his/her portion. There is a single chop stick placed at the left side of each philosopher. When a philosopher wants to eat he/she picks up the chop stick on the left and the adjacent philosopher's chop stick on his/her right to then get and consume rice, and resume contemplation.

Assuming either a random distribution of hunger pains, or an ordered one, how is the starvation of a philosopher to be prevented? Need it be prevented?

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