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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Case Does Odes, Jokes, and a Rectified Commie News Broadcast

The troops have departed for the holidays. JB, Mike, Lynneia, Larry.

Just a pre-christmas romp with a Great Ode from Pablo, The Rolling Stones, and some high-toned Jokes.

6:30 Thursday -- TONIGHT -- www.enlightenradio.org, or progress.enlightenradio.org -- there's a player at top of the page.

Also, here is the direct stream:

You can call in to 304-885-0708 if you want to chat.

On tonights menu:

Benediction: A War Prayer -- Mark Twain.

 A small steak, perfectly prepared: An Ode to Winter, Pablo Neruda

Main Course: RICE for The dining Philosophers Parable and Understanding the Chinese leadership, and the path ahead.

Conservatism's deadly endgame  -- it comes before dessert.

Last Drink: Chances of recession in 2019.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pizza Night at the Progress Diner Radio Program

The Progress Diner Radio Program
Dec 13, 2018
Thursday, 6:30 - 8 PM

from The Red Caboose Studio, Bolivar, WV

How  to Listen:

1. There is a live player  at the top of this page.
2. Our direct stream

Want to Call IN?: 304-885-0708 -- I can only take one caller at a time. Don't be offended if you are cut off -- it means a) someone else is on the line; or 2) Skype is not working again.

Tonight's Show Menu: Pizza with Toppings

1. Pepperoni Torpedo -- CEO of Hwawei arrested and on bail -- This is a serious matter.

2. Knife and Fork Please -- Thumper's criminality is catching up with him.

3. The Works, Please -- Pelosi rises to power as Indignity recedes -- a little.

4. Extra Cheese  Delegate Mike Pushkin joins us at 7:30

5. No Meat at all: Orrin Hatch on the meaninglessness of crime

/For your amusement, what follows is Google's answer to 

"the funniest joke in the world".

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson went camping. They pitched 
their tent under the stars and went to sleep. Sometime in the middle 
of the night Holmes woke Watson up and said:

"Watson, look p at the sky and tell me what you see."

Watson replied: "I see millions and millions of stars."

Holmes asked, "And what do you deduce from that?"

Watson replied, "Well, if there are millions of stars, and 
if even a few of these have planets, its quite likely there are 
some planets like Earth. And if there are a few planets like Earth out there,
there might also be life."

And Holmes said "Watson, you idiot, it means that somebody stole our tent."

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Picadillo on rice -- The Riot of Truth Continues on The Progress Diner Radio Show

Picadillo on Rice

Yes, the riot of truth continues.

The Progress Diner Radio Program for Dec 6, 1941....I mean 2018!!

Thursdays, 6:30 PM dinner time on Progress Diner Radio  (player is on top of page), or, THIS STREAMING LINK

This podcast is the Picadillo on Rice Show. From Dec 6 at the red caboose studio in Bolivar, West Virginia -- for information on radio programming contact host@enlightenradio.org


4 aging hipsters from the wild and war-torn sixties and seventies take on the wretched world order over a classic cuban dish.

MIke Diesel, John Case, JB Christesen, Larry Bish, Guvnor Jim Justice, detail the following juicy menu items.

1. "This might work as prison food" Diesel contemplates the likelihood of cuban glop for Trump when convicted of high crimes. Mueller Clause closes in on Pence too.

2. "Is this fresh french bread, or a bee hive?!" -- Case introduces the French Yellow Jackets as evidence of a revolutionary buzz developing among the working poor, outside the established party system, in France, plus UK democracy collapse as government cant deal with Brexit, plus home grown Trump nationalist fascism...... adds up to what?

3. "John -- your The refrigerator has failed" -- MELTDOWN ON WALL STREET and coolants are gone

4. Pass the wine, Larry -- it's not just poverty that's killing us. It's evil.

5. Larry summers on China. Is there a golden rule of trade?

Good dinner .... good talk from men who have talked to the goat, Mescalito's crow, and our alien observers as well.....check it out and have some fun.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Progress Diner Radio -- the Picadillo On Rice Episode

UPDATE ON THE 12/6 Progress Diner Radio Program -- a Picadillo Confection -- Note the Cuban influence:
Below are my thoughts, including Mike's on Pence. What do you all want to talk about?
Two important notes:
A. MOVING THE BROADCAST TO 6:30 to allow diners to get some food before yapping. The food at the studio will be Picadillo on Rice -- kind of a Cuban glop 🙂
ONE Call at at time until I figure out the conference calling....304-885-0708
1. Pence/Flynn --- a clip from Morning Joe on what Flynn gave to Meuller, and how Pence fits.
-- the evidence
2. The Yellow Jackets in France. What do they mean?
BBC clip
Oliver Blanchard --
3. Justice won't raise the severance tax to pay for PEIA
4. The Stock Market crash and the breakdown of established global trading regimes
5. if time: Larry Summers on China.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New Call in Line

Skype has made upgrade to its latest version irreversible. Thus a regular Skype number cannot host "conferencing on the fly". That means: 1) only one caller at at time can call in without bumping an existing caller off; 2) all phone interactions, including ringing, pickup, etc are audio and cannot be muted without muting the broadcast.


Use Free Conference Call Dot Com

Our new call in line: 605) 468-8895

Our PIN: 173923#

This will enable us to queue calls without jamming the program, and know who's next so I don't call them by the wrong name! Free from around the globe :), well..most of it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The Ideal Became Real: A RIOT of TRUTH on the Progress Diner Radio Show -- Drunks Delight #2

Everything promised was delivered. 

That's a promise made most of a lifetime ago by Bob Dylan, but it came true on EnlightenRadio.org Nov 29 when the Dinner Out Crew gathered for the Progress Diner Radio Show. The headlined menu of Drunks Delight, South of the Border Style, helped us recover from the tear gassing.

The show airs regularly Thursdays 6:30 PM on Enlighten Radio. There is a player at the top of the page. Also this Stream Link works.
contact host@enlightenradio.org for more info.

The show is broken up in to four segments below, so you can pick and choose your fave segment, or, listen to the whole raw program, or, add 3 hrs of Eddie and the Cruisers favorite music....

Your hosts and diners -- John Case, Mike Diesel, JB Christensen, Larry Bish, and (vacatioing) Lynneia Atkinson. Guests: Stewart Acuff and Sammi Brown

The Raw Tape:

Sammi Brown: Progress for Jefferson County

The Music -- The REAL Eddie and the Cruisers MIX

The Mike Diesel Intro -- "Mueller Clause is Comin' to Town"

Stewart Acuff and Richard Trumka: Labor and the Midterms

Larry Bish: "A Perfect Day for a Bananfish"

Progress Diner is On the Air -- SOU Response

tune in now Opening with Mark Russell and Marc Benno The SOU_P Venezuela R Splits Omnibus anti education bill moves forward ...