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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Case Does Odes, Jokes, and a Rectified Commie News Broadcast

The troops have departed for the holidays. JB, Mike, Lynneia, Larry.

Just a pre-christmas romp with a Great Ode from Pablo, The Rolling Stones, and some high-toned Jokes.

6:30 Thursday -- TONIGHT -- www.enlightenradio.org, or progress.enlightenradio.org -- there's a player at top of the page.

Also, here is the direct stream:

You can call in to 304-885-0708 if you want to chat.

On tonights menu:

Benediction: A War Prayer -- Mark Twain.

 A small steak, perfectly prepared: An Ode to Winter, Pablo Neruda

Main Course: RICE for The dining Philosophers Parable and Understanding the Chinese leadership, and the path ahead.

Conservatism's deadly endgame  -- it comes before dessert.

Last Drink: Chances of recession in 2019.

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