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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Picadillo on rice -- The Riot of Truth Continues on The Progress Diner Radio Show

Picadillo on Rice

Yes, the riot of truth continues.

The Progress Diner Radio Program for Dec 6, 1941....I mean 2018!!

Thursdays, 6:30 PM dinner time on Progress Diner Radio  (player is on top of page), or, THIS STREAMING LINK

This podcast is the Picadillo on Rice Show. From Dec 6 at the red caboose studio in Bolivar, West Virginia -- for information on radio programming contact host@enlightenradio.org


4 aging hipsters from the wild and war-torn sixties and seventies take on the wretched world order over a classic cuban dish.

MIke Diesel, John Case, JB Christesen, Larry Bish, Guvnor Jim Justice, detail the following juicy menu items.

1. "This might work as prison food" Diesel contemplates the likelihood of cuban glop for Trump when convicted of high crimes. Mueller Clause closes in on Pence too.

2. "Is this fresh french bread, or a bee hive?!" -- Case introduces the French Yellow Jackets as evidence of a revolutionary buzz developing among the working poor, outside the established party system, in France, plus UK democracy collapse as government cant deal with Brexit, plus home grown Trump nationalist fascism...... adds up to what?

3. "John -- your The refrigerator has failed" -- MELTDOWN ON WALL STREET and coolants are gone

4. Pass the wine, Larry -- it's not just poverty that's killing us. It's evil.

5. Larry summers on China. Is there a golden rule of trade?

Good dinner .... good talk from men who have talked to the goat, Mescalito's crow, and our alien observers as well.....check it out and have some fun.

1 comment:

  1. We never mentioned john lennon's legacy on the anniversary of his death, this may have made the promo to get folks to listen in


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