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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Progress Diner Radio -- the Picadillo On Rice Episode

UPDATE ON THE 12/6 Progress Diner Radio Program -- a Picadillo Confection -- Note the Cuban influence:
Below are my thoughts, including Mike's on Pence. What do you all want to talk about?
Two important notes:
A. MOVING THE BROADCAST TO 6:30 to allow diners to get some food before yapping. The food at the studio will be Picadillo on Rice -- kind of a Cuban glop 🙂
ONE Call at at time until I figure out the conference calling....304-885-0708
1. Pence/Flynn --- a clip from Morning Joe on what Flynn gave to Meuller, and how Pence fits.
-- the evidence
2. The Yellow Jackets in France. What do they mean?
BBC clip
Oliver Blanchard --
3. Justice won't raise the severance tax to pay for PEIA
4. The Stock Market crash and the breakdown of established global trading regimes
5. if time: Larry Summers on China.

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